White-collar crime


White-collar crime, or economic crime, is a crime committed by participants in business transactions, usually by people in senior or middle positions in companies, or skilled professionals in a particular industry. With the development of modern technology and the growth of financial markets, white-collar crime is taking on special significance, as acts that threaten the national and international economy

The most common economic crimes in Poland and around the world include mismanagement crimes, tax fraud, money laundering, corruption and bribery. These crimes strike at the interest of the state budget, as well as often at the interest of the private sector, and the modus operandi of the perpetrators itself predominantly assumes an organized character and focuses on the use of their influence and contacts. Significantly, due to the high financial, professional and social standing of the perpetrators, providing effective camouflage for their illegal activities, white-collar crimes are difficult to detect.

Statistics in recent years clearly show an increase in economic crime, and consequently, law enforcement activity in this area is also increasing. In previous years, economic crime proceedings accounted for about 30% of total proceedings conducted by the Police in Poland. Today, however, these rates have increased significantly. Detention on remand is being used more and more often when white-collar crime is committed. The courts in Poland, in as many as more than 90% of cases in which the prosecutor’s office applies for detention on remand, agree to its use.

Our experts handle cases of crimes related to tax, business and economic areas, including causing significant property damage, abuse of power or failure to perform a duty. Cases of this type are characterized by high social and state harm. In our work, we combine our knowledge of criminal and commercial law and use a thorough knowledge of the regulations on tax, business and economic aspects. We take measures to safeguard our clients’ interests while ensuring strict confidentiality.

We offer the following white-collar crime services:

  • proactive support to businesses, institutions and individuals in crisis situations, suspected of committing crimes against property or business transactions;
  • legal assistance in emergency situations, such as arrest, search, interrogation, presentation of charges or detention on remand;
  • legal support for persons facing liability under the Banking Law, the Law on Trading in Financial Instruments, the Law on Public Offerings, the Law on Investment Funds and under other Polish and international laws;
  • representation of clients at all stages of the case, both at the preparatory stage and before the court;
  • advising entities suspected or accused of tax, fiscal or economic crimes;
  • representation of entities victimized by white-collar crime.

Our offer is addressed to:

  • members of boards of directors and supervisory boards and executives of commercial companies;
  • persons suspected or accused of white-collar crime;
  • state and local government officials;
  • entities harmed by economic crime.

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