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The right of defense is a fundamental principle of the criminal trial. It is expressed in a number of rights enjoyed by a person facing criminal proceedings from the moment the charges are brought. It includes, among other things, the right to be informed of the content of the charges, the right to make and refuse explanations, the right to make requests for evidence, the right to participate in the activities of the proceedings or the right to challenge procedural decisions.

To effectively exercise these rights, everyone has the right to have a professional defense counsel, whose role is to ensure that the suspect’s rights are respected. The right of defense is absolute, and the suspect is entitled to it from the beginning of the proceedings, both in proceedings before law enforcement agencies (preparatory proceedings), before the court and in penal enforcement proceedings. Having a professional defense counsel is extremely important from the perspective of protecting the rights of a suspect or defendant.

As a law firm specializing in criminal law, we have very extensive experience in defending clients suspected of committing misdemeanors and criminal and fiscal criminal offenses. We have been defense counsel in some of the most famous Polish criminal trials. In these types of cases, the most important thing is the time and experience of the lawyers. Our goal is to guarantee clients a sense of security and confidence that their case is in the hands of professionals who are experts in criminal procedure.

The defense of the client may aim to prove his innocence, but also to minimize the consequences of a conviction. This may involve taking steps to change the image of the case presented by law enforcement agencies, reducing the negative consequences of the crime, improving the client’s image in the eyes of the court, or, finally, taking advantage of institutions that allow effective reduction of criminal liability.

Our services include:

  • legal counseling in connection with the anticipated risk of criminal liability;
  • representation in activities conducted against a person who has not yet been formally charged, but who is of interest to law enforcement agencies;
  • defense in criminal cases at all stages of proceedings, before law enforcement agencies and courts, including the development of a defense strategy and conducting an assessment of the feasibility of alternative options for the termination of criminal proceedings;
  • representation and assistance in crisis situations (searches, interrogations, arrests, presentation of charges, detention on remand),
  • participation in all activities, such as hearings, interrogations, searches, procedural experiments and site visits, as well as preparation and submission of pleadings and appeals;
  • implementing the chosen model of cooperation with law enforcement agencies, including negotiating the terms of agreement with the prosecutor’s office;
  • undertaking activities aimed at reconciliation with the victim, including negotiation and participation in mediation;
  • supporting clients in penal enforcement proceedings.

We are defenders of:

  • suspects in preparatory proceedings;
  • defendants in criminal trial before the court;
  • convicts in penal enforcement proceedings;
  • persons without status in criminal proceedings in which law enforcement agencies are interested;
  • persons arrested and temporarily detained.

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