Intellectual property protection


In an era of increasing digitization and global markets, intellectual property has gained prominence as one of the core intangible assets of corporations and businesses. This area includes copyrights, patents, trademarks and industrial designs, among others. Each of these elements is the foundation of innovation and determines the competitive position in the market. This is why it is so important to protect intellectual property.

Intellectual property crimes, such as counterfeiting, plagiarism, or so-called piracy, pose legal challenges for creators and intellectual rights owners, as do issues of patent infringement and illegal use of trade secrets. It is also worth noting that trademarks, which are a reflection of reputation and a guarantee of the quality of products or services offered, are also subject to infringement. Among popular violations of intellectual property protection are also the circulation of illegal copies of works or the introduction of counterfeits into the market.

Violations of intellectual property rights carry specific legal consequences. Persons who commit such violations are subject to criminal liability, which can result in punishment in the form of a fine, community sentence or even imprisonment. Protection of intellectual property is therefore criminal in nature.

In addition, aggrieved parties also have the right to pursue civil claims, especially for damages. The repercussions for business entities that face such violations can be long-lasting and severe, not only from a financial point of view, but can also negatively affect their reputation.

The Kopeć & Zaborowski Law Firm provides the following services within criminal and intellectual property law:

  • representation in court proceedings and before law enforcement and tax authorities, in civil, criminal and tax proceedings;
  • counseling in the area of securing intellectual property, consisting of explaining and interpreting intellectual property laws, taking into account the effective safeguarding and active protection of intellectual property;
  • defense of persons accused of violating intellectual property rights in criminal and fiscal criminal proceedings, before Polish and international authorities;
  • cooperation with law enforcement agencies in order to effectively represent the interests of entities harmed by intellectual property crime.

We direct our services to:

  • representatives of creative industries interested in protecting their intellectual property;
  • entities harmed by plagiarism, counterfeiting, circulation of illegal copies of works and other intellectual property crimes;
  • professionals seeking specialized knowledge in the field of criminal protection of intellectual property;
  • persons suspected and accused of intellectual property crimes.

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