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Maciej Zaborowski

Advocate, Managing Partner

Paweł Gołębiewski

Attorney-at-law, Head of International Criminal Law Practice


I am not afraid to say that it is a completely unique company and a unique team of lawyers. I am sure that this is one of the best law firms on the Polish market specializing in criminal law.

The President of the Board of one of the largest defense capital groups in Europe.

Maciej Zaborowski is a favorite among peers and clients. He is the practitioner who shows legal ingenuity and an individualized approach to matters.

One of the longest-operating investment fund companies in Poland, achieving above- average investment results

Adv. Maciej Zaborowski has a solid litigation practice. He has particular experience in the representation of plaintiffs in white-collar crimes and protection of personal rights. He is also fantastic and preeminent in personal injury and criminal defense. Thanks to his personal involvement in the affairs of the law firm, clients feel completely safe and can focus on their business.

Managing Partner in Law Firm

Advocate Maciej Zaborowski has a great knowledge of the market and a great practice in the field of criminal law and media law which allows him to perfectly understand the laws governing the world of media and politics. One cannot overlook the high level of personal culture and strict observance of ethical principles. If there were more such lawyers, the world would simply be better.

Journalist of one of the largest television stations in Poland

I am also an attorney-at-law, so I know that it is very difficult to develop an ideal pattern for conducting clients’ affairs, because every client has different expectations. KKZ has great interpersonal skills and a very good approach and they understand the needs and expectations of the client. I think that both parties are happy with the co-operation.

Head of the Legal Department of an international corporation

In my life, I came across many legal advisers and I have a large scale of comparison. This legal team is distinguished for the fact that I can trust them, they know the strategy of my future actions, and they are aware of information which is confidential. I like the fact that I always get a clear opinion from them. They do not hide behind reservations such as: it seems to be, it may be. Whereas other legal offices do that all the time and that is why their recommendations are not useful.

Stock exchange investor, developer